How to Boost Skills for Sixth Graders

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How-to Generate An Overview to get a Research-Paper

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What Is An Investigation Paper Outline

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John Henry Speaks Out About Syria

On Labor Day, Rep. John Larson held a forum on  Syria at Town Hall in West Hartford.  Since it was in West Hartford, I decided to go and listen to the voters of the 1st Congressional District. There were plenty of passionate pleas with the majority articulating reasons not to intervene.

As I state in this video, it wasn’t my intention to speak but while Rep. Larson  was replying to various speakers, he stated it was President Obama’s  responsibility, not Larson’s, to make the case for intervention in Syria to the  American people.  After he repeated this, I felt compelled to share my  concerns.

In essence, I don’t believe Pres. Obama will have the time to make the case to  the American people before a vote.  And really, hasn’t his Administration tried to do that for awhile?

Secondly, and more of a concern to me, is if we are to rely upon President  Obama’s justification for war, what confidence do we have we will be told the  truth?  In my comments, I cite Benghazi.  Susan Rice made appearances on five Sunday morning talk shows stating an unknown video caused the deaths of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens.  But worse, Pres.  Obama went and spoke at the U.N. telling the entire world that a video was  again responsible for inciting the violence–not a planned terrorist attack on the anniversary of 9/11.

This has become a trend of this Administration.  Whether purposeful or not, we are continually misled or lied to about certain events.   We were told the IRS “tea party” scandal was simply due to the actions of ”two rogue agents in Cincinnati.” Fast & Furious started with numerous denials followed by blaming the ATF.  And yesterday, Pres. Obama told the entire world he “didn’t set a red line.”  He went on to blame Congress, and then the world, for setting the red line.  We are fast
approaching war and we have a President in denial and afraid to lead.

I am concerned we haven’t heard any politician articulate how a military strike  would be in our national interest.  What exactly is the stated objective or mission?  Do we know where the chemical weapons came from or even who  used them?  Has anyone dared to ask what could go wrong?  And why, after an American President clearly stated he is drawing a red line, would President al-Assad purposefully use chemical weapons?  If the case needs to be made to the American people, I don’t believe it has been done.

Please watch this video.  It was a nice cordial interaction with my former  opponent while I articulated my concerns of military action in Syria.

Surprise! Fiscal Cliff Dead Ahead

By now, I am certain everyone has heard of the impending Fiscal Cliff.  It is the lead story everywhere.  Unfortunately, it is an economic cliff self-imposed by Congress that goes into effect due to the failures of the “Super Committee” from the fall of 2011.

As a quick review, in August 2011, President Obama and Congress were being criticized and faced plunging approval ratings since they couldn’t agree on the debt ceiling.  My former opponent, Rep. John Larson proposed the “Super Committee” as a way to deflect attention from their failures.  This self named “Super Committee” was charged with cutting $1.2 Trillion in spending over ten years if they raised the debt ceiling by $2 Trillion–which coincidently would get them past the Nov 2012 elections (Note: keep in mind we add $1.3 Trillion a YEAR to our National debt).

In agreeing to the “Super Committee” Congress agreed to raise the debt ceiling because it was written if the Super Committee failed to find the spending cuts over ten years, then sequestration and automatic spending cuts would go into effect on Jan. 1, 2013–part one of the Fiscal Cliff.

So here we are–three days from the actual Fiscal Cliff–and nothing has been done.  But I predicted all of this during my campaign.  When I spoke about how our politicians in Washington are failing us–both Democrats and Republicans–this is just one perfect example.  Payroll taxes will go up in a couple of days, tax rates are uncertain, AMT will hit 33 Million tax filers, Obamacare taxes, estate taxes, loss of deductions for charitable donations, etc…all this uncertainty adds up.  But our politicians do nothing until the last minute which hurts all of us.

Please listen to what I said over two months ago during my campaign.  It’s as applicable now as ever.  It’s how businesses operate in the private sector vs. “kick the can” or “do nothing” attitude of our politicians.  It’s how they enact laws yet exempt themselves. webhosting information  It’s a shame our politicians continue to fail us.

Happy New Year my friends!  And if we are lucky, perhaps we will get our first budget in four years.

An Open Letter To Congressman Larson

Despite losing the election last month, John Henry remains committed to leading as a citizen in CT-1. With the Fiscal Cliff looming, John Henry has reached out to Congressman Larson, urging him to be a leader in Congress and rise above the political theatrics that are paralyzing Washington.

Click Here to read John Henry’s full letter: Fiscal Cliff Call To Action

Sincere Thanks

While we did not win, we can hold our heads high. We pushed the political machine and challenged the status quo. Our mounting debt remains unsustainable and a fiscal cliff still looms. If you voted for me, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support.

I would also like to thank all who volunteered, worked and fought to run a clean, honest and positive campaign. And please know I have a deep and sincere gratitude for those of you who contributed to the campaign. set up email domain . Times are tough but your donations were vital in helping us create and post signs and build awareness throughout the district. We could not have done anything without you.

Lastly, I cannot thank my family enough. The sacrifices you made for me over these last seven months did not go unnoticed and I appreciate you letting me pursue this goal with all I had.

God bless you all and Godspeed.